Friday, 4 November 2011

Something about spinning

I am posting this on Friday because I was not organised enough to get it done yesterday and I want something for the Fibre Arts Friday link party.

During the tour de fleece I took part in a challenge with the Wonder Why team, spinning beads into yarn. The beads are threaded onto a small piece of fibre and this is drafted into the single as you go. The second plain ply helps to hold the beads in place.

I was lucky enough to win the prize draw and received a lovely parcel from Dutch Hollow acres. It is some beautiful wool/alpaca blend dyed green with gorgeous purple tones. Some of the fibre has been prethreaded onto gold and purple beads to be spun into the singles.

I have divided the fibre into two and started spinning the slightly larger piece without beads. I was aiming for something much thicker than usual but it seems to be spinning fairly thin. You would think as the spinner I might get a say but it seems the fibre has other ideas.

More of this next week, hopefully I will have made lots of progress on this single.


  1. I love beaded yarn! I won a kit with two different skeins of Tilli Tomas and one was beaded. I made it into a very warm scarf that I wear every winter.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I look forward to seeing the finished project, too!

  3. Yes, look forward to seeing the finished yarn. Beautiful colour.

  4. Looking good. I love the green she dyed for you.