Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One a day

Lots of squares to share this week, I did not manage one each day, but I did several on other days so got lots done.

Crazy zauberball, used on my S sock. I like the plied crazy version much more than the standard zauberball.

Knitting Goddess merino sock; I won this on the Playful day Podcast, it is lovely. The Q socks I made from this are some of my favourite hand knit socks. 

Kettle dyed merino from Shunklies, used on my O socks.

Hand dyed blue with occasional black flecks, a not very good attempt at hot pour dyeing.

Yarn from a RAK parcel, variegated yarns are great for this project.

Regia 6 ply, used to make some Christmas socks. The squares made from 6 ply are a little larger than the rest but they work ok as long as there are 4 ply squares around them, it all sort of averages out :).

Wendy Happy from a frogged sock, lovely yarn, lousy socks.

RAK yarn, even though this has a lot of pink mixed with the purple I really like it.

Regular Zauberball, used on my K socks to make Kai-mei by cookie a.

I have been working hard on getting it to the final width, so it is a bit awkward to photograph as it is long and narrow. Next week I will try to do a whole project shot.

Last week someone asked how I choose which yarn to use. It is not totally random, I tend to grab some yarn and hold it up to the available square spaces to see where it would look best. If I need to fill a particular space I hold it up to the box of yarn and see what will be best. I try to avoid really nasty clashes or odd combinations but there are a few.


  1. Hi!
    Beautiful squares! I like the blue with the flecks of black. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Goodness me you have been busy. They are all looking so pretty, like little jewels. Maybe we could see a picture of the whole blanket so far soon? I like a good drool in the evening.

  3. you've been such a busy bee, wonderful squares, can't wait for that whole project photo. xx

  4. Great colours! Can't wait to see them all together!

  5. love the colours too. Nothing wrong with a bit of pink!

  6. I think the turqouise might be my fave :-D

  7. This is going to be stunning! :)x

  8. Good progress again, it must be getting bigger go on show us!

  9. I have some Wendy Happy yarn and although it's lovely, I couldn't imagine it made into socks.

  10. I really like all of your squares! All the different bright colours!