Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tour de fleece day 12

This morning I spun the second ply for beaded yarn challenge. I used a different fibre for this one, it is a superwash merino.

I didn't get the quanittiy quite right so there is still a little of the beaded single unspun 

I have been enjoying using my spindle during the tour, it is more convenient for picking up and doing a few minutes than my wheel. Unfortunaly plying this by spindle was a bit of a nightmare, there may have been a bit too much twist in the singles, they goet seriously tangled and snarled. I will be plying by wheel in the future no matter how the singles are made. 

A close up since you can't see the beads in the picture above.

I ended up with about 27m, the beads are fairly evenly spaced along the length apart from one point which is missing the bead, the single broke by the bead and it went flying off.

I have also prepped the fibre for my next TdF project. It is the main portion from the blue and black that I spun today. I have divided it into half then one of the halves into lots of very thin strips, it will be a two ply sock hopefully.

The colours did not come out quite as well as I hoped in the photo. It looks lovely all fluffed out on the airer I am using to hold my fibre. Hopefully I can get the colours too stay looking nice once it is spun, there is a bit of a risk of it all blending together to give a greyish colour.

In non tour news I appear to be addicted to pretzls. Fortunately I only have one bag so when they are gone the addiction is over. I am not even sure why because they make me really thirsty (like take a bite, have a drink, repeat thirsty), they are tasty though.


  1. I love my spindle, but it's not for everything. Same with the wheel -- some fibers I prefer to spindle. For me, the most important part is to try something new!

    I love pretzels, any salty snack, but yes, the thirst factor kicks in!

  2. Yum...pretzels. Last summer when we were in Bristol, we were surprised to notice that, unlike here in the US...where there are entire aisles of pretzels to be had, there are virtually no pretzels to be found in your supermarkets. Crisps, all kinds of amazing and thrilling flavors, though!

  3. Your spinning is very pretty -- the beaded yarn is wonderful! I'm still too intimidated to try adding in beads but I will eventually.

  4. I found that I'm using my spindle more this year than ever before. Maybe because everyone has set the bar higher with all of the gorgeous spindle spun yarns. have a great weekend.

  5. I like that blue and black - I think it will spin up nicely!

    And pretzels are great. :)

  6. Ooo, that last blue is so nice, looks very soft. Nice job on the yarn. Good luck with your Tour de Fleece.

  7. I cannot spin on a spindle. I have tried. Your spinning is fantastic. the beads are awesome too. Have you tried honey mustard and onion pretzels? Whew. They are delicious!

  8. Wow, I can't even imagine trying plying on the spindle. At least not yet. Maybe next Tour de Fleece. ;-)

    I enjoy pretzels too. Especially with mustard. :-)