Friday, 4 November 2011

Finished object Friday- V sock

The end of the A-Z challenge is approaching, just four pairs left to make. This week the V socks get to take their turn as the FO.

Yarn: Regia Xmas in navy and silver
Needles: 2.5mm dpn
This pattern is great, well written and easy to follow. It is worked from the toe up with a short row heel. A pattern of V shapes made from decreases and yarnovers is made as you go up the foot and leg. After the heel is worked a cable pattern is worked up the back of the heel. Twisted stitches run up the sides of the chart, from toe to cuff. The patterning is charted so if you prefer written instructions you would need to convert them. The patterning is fairly easy to remember so once you have done a few repeats it is quick to work.

I do think the same stitch pattern could be used on the front and back, both are nice so it seems like a bit of an odd design. You could make two pairs of socks using this pattern, three if you followed it as written.

The yarn is lovely, one of my favourites so far. The photo does not do it justice as the flecks you can see are actually silver sparkles. The yarn seems softer than other Regia yarns I have used, it feels lovely even with the sparkly bits. Hopefully this will be as hardwearing as other Regia yarns. It should be machine washable, but due to my machine's reputation as a "destroyer of socks" I will handwash them. I suspect this will help the sparkles survive for longer. The dark yarn makes it a little harder to see the cables and twisted stitches, something lighter would have been better. The stitch definition is good, but a higher twist might make the cables really stand out.

Yarnovers and decreases make a V pattern working up the foot and leg.

I was trying to take a photo of the cable up the back, this is what happen when you try to take photos at night, inside using a flash. Try to imagine a lovely cable with lines of yarn overs at the sides. The cables make an inter twinned heart shaped pattern. One of my cables crosses the wrong way but I am learning to live with small mistakes.

On to W tomorrow, I have a pattern picked out, but have not chosen the yarn yet. I will see what is in my stash and may have to rethink my pattern choice depending on the yarn.


  1. Sparkly socks! Awesome! Why did I not think of this? They look really lovely and I'm extra excited since I own this book. Maybe I'll have to give the whole toe-up thing a try. Good luck with W!

  2. I like the pattern (the V)... Like birds flying :-)

  3. Lovely. I love the sparkle. Now I want sparkly socks.

  4. I love these - they look super cozy! What are you going to do when your done with the A to Z socks (besides have 26 awesome socks)?