Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Finishing blues

Not in a sad way, it just seems that everything I have been working on is blue. There has, as the name suggests been a bit of finishing.

On the Needles:
Not a lot this week due to a bit of a finishing session. I have a sock design half way through construction, hopefully will get it done this week. This means I get the excitement of a stash dive and new project.

Off the needles:
Lots to share here, although some you have seen in an almost done state before.

These just needed the ends weaving in. And would maybe benefit from a blocking to even out the colourwork.

The fox and badger scarves for Christmas got their googly eyes.

The badger looks a lot like Badger from Bodger and Badger. They seemed to be well received and there have been several mentions from adults that they want one, so next year's list might be sorted!

To use up 6 ply leftovers from my parent's Christmas socks I divided the blue stripy yarn in half, used the navy for heels and toes and worked a basic toe up sock with short row heels. 

Just the pattern that lives in my head worked over 48 stitches. They are a little shorter than usual, but perfect for walking boot socks. 

My big project off the needles is my driftwood 

Quite a few tweaks to the pattern (different yarn weight, needle size, altered the neckband, sleeves). I am counting it as off the needles, but it is not quite done yet- ends are woven in but no suitable buttons. Will go on a button hunt this week.

In a spin:
My wheel went away to make room for the Christmas tree (small house). Now it is back I am working to clear some bobbins so I can start a couple of new projects. 

The two fine singles from show demonstrations are being plied to make a barber pole yarn.

This is taking a while as I need to shorten the drive band on my wheel. It will only work on the largest whorl, which makes for the slowest spinning. A lot of treadling is required to get the twist needed for the plying. It is a stretchy drive band, so a bit of a faff to shorten, needs cutting and melting back together.

Designer business:
I have finally got my first sweater pattern up on Ravelry.

Other crafting:
While I was visiting my parents I had a go on my Mum's embellishing machine. It is basically needle felting, but with lots of needles and a machine to make them go up and down. It is faster by far. 

Not sure how it would work with loose fibres, I used felt cut outs onto poly cotton fabric backing.

Even my socks are blue today!