Thursday, 17 December 2015

A quiet week

Well, quiet on the crafting front. Work has been busy, with two craft courses and the start of the Christmas themed walks (I dress as an elf).

The boys dress like this:

That is Deedee the Suri at the front, he likes to pose sideways for the camera to show off his handsome profile.

So, not much time for crafting, but there has been a little.

On the needles:
The seamless sweater is coming along nicely. I have got past the interesting bit now and it is stockinette down the body for ever more (slight exaggeration). Not overly exciting but perfect for knit night. 

I worked the neck band shortly after separating for the body. I couldn't decide if there was too much fabric across the back because it was curling so I figured I would do the band and check. It seems to be fine.

The checkered wrist warmers are off the needles, just need the ends sewing in now so I can't quite call them done yet.

Felting fun times:
There has been some felting this week as part of a gift project (so not too many details, just in case).

This fluffy pile

Became this after felting. 

The dark blue stands out more than I was expecting, although I imagine it will lighten as it dries. There is also a little bit of sparkle in there too.

No before shot for this next one, a combination of purples and hot pink.

I will show you what they become after Christmas.

And that is it for this week, no spinning as the wheel has been moved out of the way to fit the Christmas tree in. Looking forward to getting in some crafting time over the holiday between elf shifts.

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