Friday, 4 October 2013

FO Friday- Seeing double

Except, you aren't. I made the first pair of socks for this pattern as a trial run, they were done before I sent the submission in. Those were on as a FO a couple of weeks back.
When the pattern was accepted I was sent some yarn to make the official pair for the photographs. Getting unexpected yarn in the post is very exciting.
A second pair was made, photographed with the first pair (on the right) to prove I am not cheating.

Yarn: Artesano Definition
Actually there was a third sock too, not because the model has odd feet but because the first one I made was too small for the required size 6 foot. I finished it anyway as I decided it was too small two thirds of the way down the foot, it will make a good pattern sample.
The yarn seems nice. It was the first time I have used it, seems to knit up well. No comment on the  durability yet since I have to wait a while for the socks to come back. The "cream cake" coloured yarn used is, in fact, natural rather than the white it appears in the pattern photo. You can see that in the picture above, they are the pair on the left. I was a bit worried about the colour as the pattern was meant to be crisp black and white, however it looks good knitted up and the Knit Now photos are excellent.


  1. The photos are indeed excellent.

  2. That is a very complicated-looking pattern! Was it?

    1. No, it is deceptively simple, made using twisted stitches combined with colourwork. No float is more than 3 stitches long so no wrapping!