Friday, 27 September 2013

FO Friday- One more square

Another square for my large sock yarn blanket.

I thought I might have already shared this, but am fairly sure I didn't as I have only just blocked it and sewn the ends in.
I have six of these I think (they are in a bag at the bottom of my stash and I am too lazy to dig them out and count), which means, depending on how big I make it, I am about one fifth of the way there.
I only have a couple of balls of sock yarn left in my stash, so progress on this might grind to a halt, or I might have to buy some more yarn, always need more socks after all :)


  1. Your first sentence perked me up because on my post today I have an item made a while ago that I am just posting. By the way I love the square. I've had that blanket in my queue for ages. I must make that... I must make that...