Friday, 11 October 2013

FO Friday- Handspun BFL/nylon yarn

This is a bit of a last minute post, I forgot to take photos, so they are done with a flash and the colour is not perfect, but close.
The singles for this yarn were spun at the five day show I attended over the summer. There was about 70g of fibre left over from dyeing fibre for sale so I thought I would give it a try, it is a Bluefaced Leicester/nylon blend I had made up, intended for spinning socks.
I had intended to use the handy plying method to make a two ply for socks. I used a book and three needles to wind the yarn as using your hand gets uncomfortable.

Unfortunately I lost one end of the yarn and ended up Navajo plying the yarn, making a three ply instead. It all got a bit messy but most of it was salvageable.

It might still end up as socks, but they will be thick ones, or it may be used for something else. 

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