Friday, 7 June 2013

FO Friday- A recent square

Hooray! Summer seems to finally be here, so I was able to get out in the garden to take the photo for today's FO Friday. The grass needs cutting but oh well! :D
More sock yarn blanket squares, these are addictive- quick and simple. Minimal thought required and a FO in an evening or two.

The white has washed out a little in the photo. Self patterning yarn works so well with this pattern. It is interesting to see how the increasing stitch count changes the patterning when you compare the centre with the outside edges.
Unlike the previous square, the yarn for this one was a recent acquisition, bought with a yarn shop gift card from last Christmas.
I am trying to decide if I should start sewing/crocheting these together now.
In favour- it would avoid having a HUGE amount of sewing to do at the end, doing it in smaller chunks instead.
Against- the squares would be joined as they are done, which might give an odd arrangement of colours.


  1. Could you not bind them off, then when they are all done use the crochet bind-off (the one on this page ) to join them?

  2. You make two good points. Joining-as-I-go is my favorite method ... but what about the color pattern? Hmmm.

  3. Oh i really love the colours in this square, very summery!