Friday, 31 May 2013

FO Friday- Reminiscing square

Another barn raising square, it has been a stockinette type of a week.
This yarn was the first proper sock yarn I ever bought, about five years ago. Possibly even the first "proper" yarn after the pound shop acrylic I learnt to knit with. It came from ebay and was some random Opal 4 ply. I don't think it ever had a label.
The self patterning works so well with this pattern. I am really looking forward to seeing how this blanket comes out (might be a few years).
I still have the socks I made too (there are two of them I promise!). These were my first 4 ply socks.
They are wearing very well and have coped with going through the wash many times. They are a little short in the foot, it was before I learnt how long I like my socks to be.
Just a few tiny scraps of this yarn left now. It will get finished up in my mitred sock yarn blanket.


  1. That's the fun thing about scrap yarn projects, isn't it? .. remembering the original project for which the yarn was purchased. The barn raising square does look really nice is self-patterning yarn!

  2. Its interesting to see all the colourful squares you are going to end up with in your blanket :)