Friday, 24 May 2013

FO Friday- Boots socks, with stripes

At the minute all my knitting seems to be sock related, if it is not making socks it is using sock yarn. Unfortunately quite a few of the things I have been making are pattern samples, which means I can't share them here until it is time to release the pattern.
While I am waiting to share those, I have been making some thick boot socks. 6 ply yarn is so quick to knit up. 

They are just straightforward ribbed boot socks, simple and great TV knitting.

I am pleased that the stripes matched up so well, the colours in this yarn are lovely.


  1. Very nice! I love the stripes. They sound like they would be just that little bit warmer too. I would love to do some sock knitting but doubt I will get the time till the end of winter this year. Too many other projects in the queue. :-)

  2. They're awesome. I really like the narrow ribbed cuff atop the wider ribbed leg!