Friday, 10 May 2013

FO Friday- Yakkity yak

Last year I was gifted some unusual fibres, including yak and crab. I had a go at spinning the yak before, but found it very challenging. The staple length is about an inch and it wants to spin really thin.
I had another go recently, using a higher ratio on my wheel and not letting it go quite so thin.

The finished single was plyed with itself using the handy plying method to give a two ply yarn. It is a bit overtwisted in places due to the high twist in the singles.

The finished yarn is not quite as soft as I would have liked due to the overtwisted bits. The carded fibre was possibly the softest fibre I have ever felt. It is still a nice, useable yarn, I think it might become a cowl or mitts.


  1. I would really love to try spinning, but I wouldn't be sure where to go or start!

  2. Ooh lovely! I love trying new things to spin, I have a bag of camel I'm going to try soon :)

  3. I struggle with the shorter staple lengths. It's good you are still attempting them. I've put mine in time out ;-)