Saturday, 27 April 2013

4KCBWDAY6- A tool to covet

Write about your favourite knitting or crochet (or spinning, etc) tool. It can either be a tool directly involved in your craft (knitting needles or crochet hook) or something that makes your craft more pleasurable – be it a special lamp, or stitch markers.

Is it an item that you would recommend to others, and if so for which applications/tasks do you think it is most suited. Conversely, do you have a tool/accessory that you regret buying? Why does it not work for you?

For the most part my taste in knitting and spinning tools is quite simple. I make my socks on cheap metal dpns and am happy with those, although I would like to give some of the fancier ones a try.
Knitpro (knitpicks) interchangables are also good for when I am using larger needles. They don't go down to sock sizes. I have the acrylic set and a few metal tips. I prefer the metal ones but don't use larger sizes very much so will stick with the acrylics until I break them.

My biggest crafting purchase, and possibly my favourite, is my spinning wheel.

A Kromski Sonata. I researched wheels for ages to work out which one I wanted. This one has the advantage of folding in half, but being full sized when it is open. It is lovely, decorative but simple and spins everything I want it to. I was lucky enough to find one second hand, which made it more affordable.
The are a few squeaks, but a little oil fixes that. I also don't typically use the inbuilt lazy kate, I have one made out of a shoe box and three knitting needles.

It works just fine, and lets me make 3 ply yarns (the wheel only has two holders).
I am also a big fan of my swift, you can wind balls by hand or winder, but the swift makes both ways so much easier.
Although ball winders are awesome, mine is a little off. Unless it is set up perfectly the balls come out oddly, sort of rugby ball shape with loose strands. I will probably buy a new one at some point (my original one was second hand).

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  1. you have quite useful tools, your knitpro interchangables look colourful!