Friday, 22 March 2013

FO Friday- Rogue

Finally! I have finished the sleeves and as promised I have a big project to share with you.
I have had Rogue in my Ravelry favourites for a long time (several years, it was one of the first patterns in there I think). Last year I bought the yarn on sale using a gift voucher I was gifted, but would not let myself cast on until I had finished my university work. I knew once I started I wouldn't stop!
Not quite true- I did the body and hood and paused for a while before starting the sleeves. I wanted to convert them from knit flat from the cuff and seamed to picked up and worked from the top down with short row shaping. This is not the most complicated technique once you get into it, but I got distracted by other things.
Finally, I got the sweater finished a couple of weeks ago and have managed to get a few (not brilliant but ok) photos so I can share it as a FO (please excuse the wet hair and broken gate- job for this weekend is to fix the gate).

Yarn- Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed luxury aran
Needles- 5mm knitpro interchangables
Mods- I made a few changes to the pattern.
Worked I-cord edging on the hem and cuffs. Had to rip out the ribbed hem to do it, but it looks better. Needs some blocking to make it lie flatter.
Sleeves worked top down in the round with short row shaping for the sleeve cap. Reversing the cuff cabling was tricky but doable. Just made lots of notes!
Used yarn tail to sew edge of hood down all round, makes edge look more like a I-cord.
Overall a lovely pattern, I adore the cabling and am delighted with the FO. The pattern is worth the money.
Only problems I found with the pattern were that you need to flick backwards and forwards through the charts etc a lot, and that the pdf version is locked so you can't make notes on it if you are using an e-reader. The mods I made were personal preference, not issues with the pattern.
I did check gauge, but the sweater came out more fitted than I expected. This is not a problem, I am happy with the fit. It might grow a little with wearing and washing but that is ok too.
I learnt to graft knit and purl stitches to join the top of the hood (as opposed to grafting stockinette only). Love learning new skills.

I discovered a super trick when I was making this. After making the body, hood and first sleeve I stopped and sewed all the ends in. This means once I had worked the second sleeve I could sew in the final two ends and tada, finished sweater. No tedious finishing while you are desperate to wear your new sweater.
The sleeve cabling, not the best picture, sorry.

This is a nice yarn, soft and a lovely green with tweedy flecks. It would normally be way out of my price range, but the fortunate combination of a 25% off sale and a Christmas gift voucher meant I was able to buy enough for a sweater (used 9 balls for this). It is super warm and snuggly. Knitting with this was a bit of a challenge, it is quite loosely spun which meant breakage was an issue, especially where you need to pull on the yarn- sewing up, grafting etc. On the upside the wool content meant I was able to spit splice new ends in, greatly reducing the number of ends to sew in.
And finally, just for giggles- Once I had done the body I toyed with the idea of not doing sleeves, just leaving it as a hooded vest. I tried it on and decided I look like a butch hobbit, not a good look- sleeves were a must!

The sinister polar bear from the Bird's Eye adverts agrees (in the background on the radiator).


  1. I really like how your sweater turned out. I love green, and I love (just a few) cables. :-)

  2. I have been eyeing some Donegal tweed for a very long time. Nice to see it knitted into such a lovely sweater.

  3. I have considered knitting Rogue. Yours looks great!

  4. it looks incredible! I love the cabling on the back of the hood...and you chose a great yarn, too!

  5. I love that green and the details of the hood and sleeves. great job!

  6. Wow, that's gorgeous! I bought the pattern ages ago but have never worked up the nerve to cast on.