Friday, 29 March 2013

FO Friday- Hedgerow socks

I needed an in the car knitting project. Something small and simple that did not require a pattern open all the time. Of course, that means socks.

Pattern: Hedgerow socks by Jane Cochran
Yarn: Regia creative
Needles: 2.25mm dpns

Worked the stitch pattern as given, did not really pay attention to the heel/toe instructions, just did my usual heel flap and every other row decrease toe.

This pattern has been in my Ravelry favourites for absolutely ages, as in years. I like the look of the sample in the pictures. In practise it was a nice enough pattern, but it took me a while to get my head round. It also gets fairly repetitive by the end of the second sock. I do like the finished socks, and I would recommend the pattern, but maybe mix it with a more exciting knit.

The pattern is also a little lost in the yarn colour changes. The pattern has a section on recommended yarn colours (solids/semi-solids), pay more attention than I did! :D

The yarn came as a long strip of ribbed knitting. Much like a sock blank, although it was long enough to wear as a scarf. Not sure why Regia make these as I thought the main reasons for sock blanks were two strands held together to get identical socks (it is a single strand of yarn) or to make easy dyeing for stripes (not stripes, just random wiggles of lighter bits). The yarn is fine though, and I picked up several of the blanks for about £2 each, which is a bargain for 100g of sock yarn. 

I have been working on more sleeves, but it has all gone a bit wrong. Back on a pair of vanilla socks while the sweater takes a time out, so there may be more socky goodness next week.


  1. Nice! I started hedgerows once but got bored immediately. Maybe I'd better give them another go :)

  2. I have such a queue of socks right now.

    I am working on a pair for my lunchtime knitting at work but when they are done...I'm casting on one of your patterns.

  3. Those are pretty socks, but I thank you for warning that it is a bit boring!