Friday, 5 April 2013

FO Friday- Just your basic sock

I very nearly missed FO Friday today, which would make it the first one I have missed in a long time, it might have become one of my minor obsessions.
I had the FO, it was done a couple of days ago. I just hadn't taken a picture. Then I was late home from work, had a bunch of stuff to get done and now I am writing this when I would usually be thinking about going to bed. Fortunately, thanks to some decent lighting, I was able to take this picture.

It is not bad, better than the overly bright version. The colours are about right, maybe a little on the dark side.
Onto the details:
Yarn: Regia 4 ply in what I believe translates as "rabbitfish"
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Pattern: Made up as I went along, it is a plain sock with a short row heel.
Once again I needed some car knitting, something very plain and simple. I also needed a break from a sleeve that is causing me metaphorical headaches and needs ripping out. I remembered this yarn, which I saw on a LYS blog. I bought some when I could, love those bright colours.
I have learnt the hard way that bright patterned yarns do not need complicated patterns, so plain stockinette was perfect for this yarn. Just knitting was very pleasant, although one pair of socks was enough.
I did have a play with the fit on these. I typically do about 64 stitches on 2.5mm needles with 4 ply yarns. More stitches for cables or colourwork, maybe a couple less for lace (size 5 UK, medium sort of foot). My socks tend to be on the loose side. Since these were destined to be plain I went for a 56 stitch cast on with 2.5mm needles. The fit is much better, although I found I needed to make the foot longer to allow for the sideways stretch. I like to make socks the length of my feet, if they are too short the heel pulls under the foot, which is just annoying. Off my feet these look odd- overly long; on my feet they fit beautifully.
The second sock put up a fight. The first one was finished fairly quickly into the car journey (I had started it before and got most of it done). Then I realised the second ball of yarn had been left at home. Fortunately I had other knitting, phew, right?!
Once we got home from the trip I cast on the second sock, thinking I was in the right place on the colour repeats, 20 rounds later and no I wasn't. Thought about leaving it, but I do like matching socks... rip!
All that over the second sock went really quickly, it was good to have a simple knit. Working on something with cables now and summoning up the energy to rip that sleeve.


  1. Very pretty! Sometimes a vanilla sock is all you need :-)

  2. I love those socks and am learning that with the right yarn, a simple sock pattern lets the yarn do all of the work.

    I wish we'd go on a trip so I could get sock knitting in.

  3. I'm with you about liking socks that are the length of my feet. I hate having to tug at my socks all day to fit the heel properly. Love the colours!

  4. I've been fighting with myself recently on whether making matching socks is necessarily...and usually it just depends on the yarn. I think in this instance, having matching socks just adds to the complete charm about these!

  5. I like your socks a lot. I have a pair that have been resting too long, so who knows? They might be coming back out soon. ;/)