Friday, 15 March 2013

FO Friday- Little hat

A pair of socks for me takes about 70g. I make a few sock yarn blanket squares, about 3g each and then I have a fair chunk left over. Usually 20g or so.
The leftovers from my V junkie socks became a baby hat, not for anyone in particular, it will go in my emergency gift pile.

Baby hats are the perfect project for using up sock leftovers, they take 15-20g , so just right. The fact the yarn is usually machine washable is a definite plus.

I made this pattern up as I went along, it is very simple. It was also a good choice for taking to knit night, just cast on and knit round and around. It took about an evening (I finished the decreases at home).

I do like making bright baby gifts, this is maybe more pastel than I would usually go for, but it is very pretty. I do love purple.


  1. I never seem to knit baby hats small enough. The two I'm working on right now will fit a 6-9 month old...grrrrr

    Good idea with the sock yarn.

  2. It might be more pastel than you would like but my SIL is a labour and delivery nurse. I knit hats for her and she says most parents want blue for boys and pink for girls and otherwise white. Maybe because it makes the baby's sex apparent without the new parents having to answer that question over and over again?