Friday, 8 March 2013

FO Friday- Mine's a martini

I posted these before when I released the pattern, but I realised I didn't ever share them as a finsihed object so they are getting a second outing (plus the only other FO I have to share needs to be photographed and it is dark out). Also I wanted to talk about the yarn.

Pattern: Mine's a martini
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles 2.5mm

Pattern close up to show the little martini glasses

Onto the yarn. I have used Trekking XXL before and am a fan so far. It seems to be durable, the first pair I made are still looking like new after a fair number of wears. Although not the softest yarn in the world it is ok, and fine for socks. It is also quite affordable. Overall it seems comparable with Regia, which is my usual go to sock yarn.
The main reason I chose this yarn was the colour. I do love bright socks and I don't think it is possible to get much brighter! When I do a giant sock wash I sort them into a vague rainbow before they go in the bath. The general idea being that if any colour leaks into the water it should only get on similar colour socks. I noticed last time that I am seriously lacking in the yellow and orange sock department. This is the first pair towards solving that.


  1. I love the color! cheerful little martinis!

  2. oooooh, I like! Off to check out the pattern.