Friday, 18 January 2013

FO Friday- Simple, chunky cowl

Not the most inspired name, I'm working on that.
Last weekend a freind rang me up and asked if I could teach him to knit. He wanted to impress his new girlfriend, and although he usually (gently and in good humour) mocks my knitting I agreed.
I picked up a couple of balls of super chunky and set him going on a cowl in the round, just knit until the yarn is about gone then cast off. He was done by the end of Monday, and although I don't think he will be converted into a full time knitter I was very impressed.
Since the cowl only needed one ball I had a play with some 9mm needles and the rest of the yarn. I ended up with this cowl.

The yarn is Wendy serenity in super chunky. It is mostly acrylic with a bit of alpaca and some wool. It is nice and soft and affordable. I think it is discontinued though. There will be more details coming.
It has been snowing here in the UK, so I popped outside to take the photo. The light was brilliant for pictures, I might have to dig out a few more things that need photographing. I did get a couple of snow flakes in the picture though.
This weekend will be spent doing lots of knitting and wrapped up warm in lots of lovely knitted items.


  1. Alpaca-wool? That's gonna be so warm and cozy! Hope his girlfriend appreciates it!

  2. Great beginner project. I wish I had learned by knitting in the round.

  3. Photographing on snow...brilliant. Nice of you to teach your friend to knit.