Friday, 25 January 2013

FO Friday- One sock, but it is a long sock

Normally I would not let myself count a signle sock as a FO. However, this sock is a sample and will never have a pair.
I wanted to design a knee high option for my canter sock pattern. Designing it meant I needed to knit it to see if it would work. I am pleased to say it does.
These photos are not good- bad weather and long days at work means getting pictures in daylight is a challenge, so for now we have terrible pictures. They do show the finished sock.

You can see the calf shaping at the top. They are a nice snug fit.
Knitting this took a long time, I calculate it as about the same time to make one knee high sock as to make a pair of ankle socks.
The horseshoe pattern goes all the way from the top of the leg to the toes, fourteen repeats for my size.

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  1. That is a long sock! Nice that it has shaping - I can't stand it when long socks slouch :) Isn't pattern design just a ton of work? We don't appreciate designers enough, I think!