Friday, 11 January 2013

FO Friday- Canter socks

I have had this pattern in mind for a long time, but have finally worked out how to do the cables.

Yarn: Skein Queen merino sock in Crush
Needles: 2.5mm
The yarn is lovely, I am so pleased with how the semi-solid colour looks knitted up. It shows the cables beautifully too. I did find it a little "crunchy" to the touch in the skein. It has softened with knitting and I suspect will soften even more after a few washes.
The pattern will be available soon. If you fancy getting involved in a test knit, I am after a few testers in my Ravelry group here.


  1. ooooh, these are lovely and I like how they look with this yarn.

    I'm always surprised about how many sock yarns are varigated. You don't see a lot of solids...or maybe that's me.

  2. They look lovely ... like big circles! And I love red, especially in socks!

  3. These look great for Valentine's Day. :)