Friday, 4 January 2013

FO Friday- the Meathead hat

I recently found a bargain on the book Knitalong by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown. It fitted nicely with my first attempt at pulling a jumper to bits to rescue the yarn- the Meathead hat was the perfect project for some of the recovered yarn.
The picture uploader is not working, there is a picture here on the Ravelry project page, will add a photo asap.

I converted the pattern to work in the round, becuse I am not a fan of sewing up. I cast on two stitches fewer than the pattern siggested and skipped the knit one at the beginning and end of each pattern round. Every other round was knit, rather than purled.

Working with 10mm needles was very odd. Most of my knitting is done on needles that are about 2.5mm. It was suprisingly hard work and slow going, looking at the stitch counts it should take about an hour, it took quite a bit more to get it done!
There is a lot of yarn left, enough for several more hats, or some other project. I might have a go at dyeing some.
Will do proper book review soon, but there is at least one more pattern I like the look of (the Barn raising quilt) and lots of very interesting reading.

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  1. 10mm ... I had to go check my few large needles, think that's a US14. Huge!