Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday/Yarn along- Back to blogging

Throughout the madness that was finishing up my university project I always tried to make sure I had something for FO Friday, no matter how small. But pretty much any other blogging has been out the window. I have managed to mostly keep up with reading the blogs that I follow, but not been able to discover new blogs by visiting the link parties that take place throughout the week.
Now the work is in stage one of being finished, I am hoping to get back to blogging, and WIP Wednesday/Yarn along seems like a great place to start.
Here is my contribution:

Book- The Indian in the cupboard trilogy by Lynne Reid Banks. I spotted this on a Yarn along a while back (maybe Linda from Natural Suburbia, can't remember). It was a favourite when I was younger so I thought I would give it another go. It is a pleasant read, pretty much as I remember it. Great for kids, and for adults who read it as kids. Not so much one for adults looking for inspirational teen/kids fiction. I think this version might have a few tiny bits updated as they don't seem to quite fit with the original publishing date, although I may well be wrong. I have been enjoying this though.
WIPs- In celebration of work being done I have finally allowed myself to cast on a project I have been waiting over a year to start. The brandywine shawl in bright red Wollmeise. I had always promised myself this as an end of project treat so I am excited to have it underway. Not much done yet so no further comments until I am further in.
The blue knitting is the Thermal sweater I am making with handspun Sheltand and silk. I am really enjoying this one, although I have to admit the pattern gets a bit boring after a while. I am excited about having it done so it is getting most of my knitting focus at the minute. I am more than a little worried that I might run out of yarn. I have some mods planned if that happens.
Actually, the WIPs are a lie. There are quite a few more that have been tucked out the way so did not make it into the picture. Off the top of my head these are:
  • A knitted toad that I have run out of yarn for
  • A sock I am designing that I ran out of brain power for (hopefully fix that soon)
  • A pair of thrummed mittens, one done, need to make the second.
  • The sock yarn blanket (doomed to spend eternity as a WIP?)
Thats all I can think of.

There will be another WIP later today as there is no way I am going to get either of those two big projects done for Friday, need to pick something small and speedy.


  1. thermal sweater... nice. :) great color BTW

  2. Love the blue for your sweater. I rarely get to finished object friday's anymore....never seem to have something finished, lol.

  3. If I had a sock yarn blanket it would spend eternity as a WIP.That sounds like a ton of tedium.

    Love the handspun blue. Congrats on finishing your project :) Looking forward to lots of lovely knitting now!

  4. Ah! Loved that book when I was a kid!

  5. I love the blue you are using...such a nice color for a sweater....I also enjoyed the book you are reading...a real fun book!


  6. Why isn't anybody commenting on the really beautiful red of the scarf? I love it!