Friday, 28 September 2012

FO Friday- Little rabbit

Maybe the worst pictures ever, they were taken with the LED macro setting on my camera. It is a handy setting, but you do get a lot of shadow.

Pattern: Bunny nuggets by Rebecca Danger
Yarn: Sublime Yarns Cashmere merino silk aran, regia silk 9white), random black 4 ply
Needle: 2.5mm dpns
I modified the bunny to squeeze it out of the few yars of yarn I had leftover from another project. It is a little smaller than the pattern bunny. I have also left the bottom open, I figured it would be more fun as a finger puppet.
This bunny has the biggest popom tail you have ever seen (in proportion, it is actually not all that big).

The tail was made using the fork pompom technique. I had a little help tying the pompom together (thanks Laura). It is a great way to make little pompoms, much faster than messing about with bits of card.

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  1. That is an adorable finger puppet. I like the big pom pom.