Friday, 5 October 2012

FO Friday- I love it when you talk tech

I wanted to make a little project so I would have something to share today. The sweater from Wednesday is coming along nicely, but is a good way from being done. The red shawl has stalled as I am distracted by the sweater, I am really looking forward to wearing it!
The waffle pattern on the sweater is thick and squashy. I thought it would make a great protective cover for electronics. I started small as I was short on time, and have ended up with a cover for a Nintendo DS lite.

The top section flips off to reveal the gadget inside.

Stitch pattern close up.

I am going to write the pattern up over the weekend so it should be available from Sunday, it will be available here.


  1. Very cute and oh so handy!

  2. I like it! Sometimes I think I want an IPad just so I can knit a cute case. I like the stitch pattern you've come up with.