Friday, 12 October 2012

FO Friday- Bunny the second

This might be the speediest project I have done so far. Mostly because the knitting was done ages ago.

Can't add details for yarn and needles because I made this swatch ages ago. I am not even sure what it was for. My Mr Greenjeans cardigan maybe.
The pattern is clever, it makes a cute bunny and is a great way to use up swatch squares as long as they are thick enough to hold the stuffing in.
The only issue with this pattern is the details on making the body round. You pull the bottom corner up underneath the bunny's chin. I read it as pull the corner up to the back of the neck and couldn't work out how to do it. Ravelry to the rescue!
I used another fork pompom for the tail. It is more to scale this time.
The big projects I have on the go are taking all the knitting time but not giving me any FOs to share, so it might be tiny projects for a few more weeks.