Friday, 7 September 2012

FO Friday- Lonely mitt and some yarn

I thought I was not going to have a FO for Friday this week, but managed to sneak one in.
I have a craft fair coming up and am hoping to print off some patterns to sell. I need a sample of each for my stall so I made up a single thumbs up mitt using some leftover yarn.
And a cardboard hand for display.

It also occurred to me that the arm can be folded back towards the hand giving an extra thick, super warm wrist.
I have finally plied the yarn I have been spinning for the last four months.

I have about 1000m of fingering weight. It is a three ply and so squashy.

I have pictures of the plying process to share, will post them next week.
Now I have to decide what to make with it. Originally I was going to spin a darker blue and work this striped cardigan.
I think the two blues I have don't have enough contrast for striping so I am hoping to use this to make a sweater and spin more for the stripy one.
I am having trouble chosing a pattern though. I have several 4 ply weight cardigans in my favourites- Flaming June, Ruby Red and Kaleidoscope would all maybe work if I did short sleeves.
I did kind of want my next cardigan to be steeked, although I don't dislike plying I find it harder to get a rhythm so it takes longer. Steeking is not a problem, steeking handspun is. Mostly it is because if I hate it I can always frog and re-knit, which is not an option once you start chopping.
So far the front runner is Thermal. But I am wondering if the waffle pattern will be a bit snug in places.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I kept opening those patterns and saying "Wow, I like this one!" It's really difficult to choose. I like Flaming June and Kaleidoscope I think. Your yarn looks beautiful!

  2. You picked some lovely patterns ... I agree that "thermal" is the best, but they are all lovely!

  3. Oh goodness, I love all of those patterns. I think Thermal is my favorite though. Your mitts are super sassy and that yarn looks delicious!

  4. Your yarn does look super squishy, or squashy! Have fun at the craft fair!

  5. You have good taste in sweaters, but I'm pretty certain the Flaming June is my favorite. It's in my Rav list now. ;-)

    Your handspun is amazing!

    Good luck at your upcoming show too.

  6. I love you're handspun!!!!! It's a great colour.