Friday, 17 August 2012

FO- Aviatrix hat

No photo today, this is a placeholder for it though, doing a major system back up means I can't plug the camera in.

ETA: I finally got around to adding that photo


Pattern: Aviatrix baby hat by Justine Turner
Yarn: Sublime yarns cashmere merino silk aran
Needles: 4.5mm, 5.5mm. I used my interchangeables but any circular or straight would do the trick

I have had this pattern in my favourites for ages. I wanted something that would use up an odd sale ball of yarn that was lurking and give me a speedy knit to share today. The two made a perfect match so the hat was made.

The pattern is great, it can be worked in a range of yarns and is easy to follow. I have a bit of a mental blank on short rows so this was good practise. I think I have the hang of them now but will have to see if I can remember them next time.

The FO is adorable. Not sure what I will do with it, it might end up as a gift for my niece (if my sister is reading this she has spoilt the suprise, ah well). I might keep it in store as an emergency gift instead.

The hat stretches. A lot. I can get it on my head, although it is too short and looks ridiculous, but it means it would fit a range of child sizes. There are lots of sizes written in the pattern too, I made about the mid size.

The yarn is gorgeous, I could happily make a big garment out of it, but sadly it is discontinued. Plus I guess it was not cheap when it was on full price with such a tasty fibre content. 

Make it if: You fancy some short row practise; you have 50g of yarn to use up; you want a super fast baby gift; you want to make a small child look like an awesome pilot type.

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  1. Just looked at the pattern and that is really darn cute! I have a couple of babies in my life that would look great in it. Can't wait to see your picture of it.