Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ravellenics round up

Only a week late, but I have finally got round to my Ravellenics round up blog post. My knitting and spinning didn't go quite to plan, but it was still a good few weeks. I even watched some of the sport! (I don't really watch sport so that was a new thing for me).

Handspun heptathalon: My challenge was 100g of single for my sweater project. I did a few marathon sessions on this to get it done but just managed it. I still have about 25g to go then I can ply the lighter blue and start to spin the darker fibre.

Frogging trampoline: I had planned to do two lots of frogging, but found that one of the projects did not qualify. I frogged my ducky colourwork socks that have been sat waiting for a second sock for ages. I almost changed my mind but frogged them in the end. I am going to make these again, but will do a better job of the colourwork. And not leave the second sock for two years.

Frogged yarn:

Hand dye high dive: This was not the most successful dyeing I have ever done, I took my eyes of it for a few minutes and it got a little felted. It is still spinable but will be slower going than the other blue I suspect. Note to self- watch non superwash fibre more closely. I entered it anyway.

WIP wrestling: I needed t finish up my second boot sock, half a foot, a toe and an afterthought heel made for good car knitting and now I have some cosy socks for the winter.

Sock put: I had not planned to do these, but I realised I had no yellow socks and felt the urge to fix that.

And the event that I didn't quite manage.

Modular relay: I set a target of thirty squares, by the end of the Olympics I had 21 done. If I had not made the socks I could have met my square target but never mind, I have happy, happy feet.


  1. My Ravellenic project was late as well; and just like you it was because I was distracted by sock knitting. I just can't resist socks! Yours are like sunshine for your feet!

  2. you were very busy! the blue yarn singles are so tiny and beautiful!!