Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

I finally managed to get myself organised to take a Wednesday picture. Yet again, a lousy indoor shot, but I think it has rained to some degree every day for the last two months so indoors it is (why yes, I am British, we do indeed talk about the weather).

Anyway, knitting and books

An unusual one for me, I am reading more than one book at a time. My usual method of reading is to pick a book and do very little apart from read it until it is done, so to have multiple and ongoing books is pretty rare.

The books are:
Good Omens by Terry pratchett and Neil Gamin- I could get into this one and read it in one solid go, but have not had a chance yet. Not as good as some of the Pratchett books but enjoyable still.

The Knife of Never letting go by Patrick Ness- This is the choice for the online book club type thing being run on the Playful Day podcast. I am sticking to the sections for the club as a way to practise not read a book all in one go. This is hard, I want to know more! The book is good but I seriously hope some of the questions are answered. The occasional (intentional) spelling error is irritating.

The carbon diaries 2013- A random charity shop find, vaguely relevant to general interests and uni work. The basis of the story is that carbon is rationed, it is written in a diary style, somewhat Adrian Mole-esque. The teenage narrative is a bit annoying. It is currently bus reading.

Knitting projects:
A sock, I am test knitting a pattern for myself. This will be done soon, maybe even tonight.

A colourwork sock, this has been put on temporary hibernation as I work on other things, it requires concentration.

An attempt at a cowl design. It is not coming out quite as I want it to. I need to try the pattern in some leftover scrap yarn as I don't know how well this will stand up to being frogged again, so far I am on the third go. It is the softest baby llama yarn. Absolutely heavenly.

There is a little more knitting too, but that is not quite ready to make its online debut. And I forgot to add it to the photo but my sock yarn blanket has been getting some attention, it is growing slowly. Spinning progress will be shared tomorrow (forgot to put that in the picture too).

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  1. Wow great knits and great book choices too! I love Good Omens, and the colours of all of your projects are just gorgeous - love the orange and blue together in that colourwork.