Friday, 13 July 2012

FO Friday- Summer flies

I have been stash busting again. I picked out a yarn and hunted Ravelry until I found a pattern to suit. Love the pattern search feature.

Pattern: Summer flies by Donna Griffin
Yarn: Baby bamboo, 4x 50g balls
Needles: 5.0mm circulars

A nice free pattern which gives a pretty finished object. The version I used had some errata, but that has been fixed now so the linked version is correct.

The pattern is written, but the repeats are fairly short so not too hard to remember as you work.

I made a few edits to the pattern, added an extra repeats of each of the butterfly and trellis sections and skipped the ruffle on the bottom. I sort of made the numbers up on the fly, not too precise but it worked out ok with a little fudging.

I worked until I thought there would be just enough yarn for the bind off, in the end I had 11g left so could have done a couple of garter stitch rows before binding off. This would have bee good as the bottom tends to curl.

I also made a couple of errors. One of the spaces between two butterflies is wider than it should be, not too noticable. Also one of the butterflies is missing a wing thanks to a missed YO. This will annoy me forever as it is right in the centre but by the time I spotted it I was way past it and could not drop back to fix it. I could have frogged, but would probably have then shoved it in a bag never to be finished. I am trying to look at it as learning to accept mistakes.

The yarn has a lovely drape and beautiful sheen. It does tend to be splitty though and hiding the yarn tails was tricky. I found it hard to pick a pattern for this, lace seems to be the best choice as the drape leaves garments floppy and somewhat unappealing (obviously that is my own view I am quite happy to be proven wrong). It is a DK weight though which makes for a heavier lace item. The colours this yarn comes in are gorgeous, which makes the struggle to find patterns even more annoying.


  1. Your Summer Flies is gorgeous!
    It's been on my favorites list for a long time and our LYS is having a KAL yet I still haven't knitted it. I love the color you chose.

  2. it's beautiful, that's been on my list for a while, too. I know it always bothers me about mistakes in my knitting too - but it's never obvious to anyone else (except maybe another knitter!) and once you're past the point of no return, why bother =)

  3. I looove ravelry's pattern search feature, almost as much as I love this shawl. Gorgeous colour and knitting, and the drape really does look wonderful.