Friday, 15 June 2012

FO Friday- Paulie cardigan

I have a very exciting project to share today. I made an actual garment. A project that took more than a week or two! This is something of an event for me because I get bored easily and like fast knitting projects.

I made the picture large because I can, and because this project rocks. Apologies if it looks like it is jumping out of your screen to get you.

Yarn: King Cole Merino Blend 4 ply
Needles: 3.5mm circulars

This is a super pattern, makes a lovely finished object. I thought the sleeves might be too skinny but they are perfect.

The only change I made was to do short sleeves. I tend to push sleeves up over the elbow anyway so I figured why waste the knitting time and stopped above the elbow.

I worked jogless stripes on the sleeves, it came out OK although not perfectly. I think the method works better with broader stripes. It was worth doing though as the change is less obvious than just switching the yarn.

The stripes line up a little better at the front in real life than in the photo. I think it was my lopsided pose. They are not perfect though, next time I will mark where to put the buttons before I cast off so I can do it based on stitch numbers.

A few Ravelry comments state that the collar will not stay rolled down. I have found it is alright when buttoned but tends to unroll if you wear it unbuttoned. A few more short rows would probably help with this.

Yes, I should block it. But I have been too excited by having it done and have been wearing it unblocked. It is fine but the garter stitch bit at the top (which you can't really see in the photo) would maybe sit better with blocking.

The yarn is a good compromise between feel and price. It is fairly cheap, making a sweater quantity affordable. Although not the softest or smoothest yarn in the world it is next to skin comfortable. The label promised "anti tickle" which for the most part it delivers, just the occasional irritation which is usually resolved with a quick fidget.

I am, as you probably guessed, delighted with this project. I have to admit I did whinge about the seemingly endless stocking stitch when I was working it. Now it is done and I am enjoying wearing it I have been thinking about the next sweater I want to make. Most likely out of 4 ply again as I like the finished effect. I am almost certain I am going to have a go at steeking if there is a lot of stocking stitch though. I don't mind purling but find I get a better rhythm with knit.


  1. what a wonderful knit, the cardie is just lush & love the colour. I can't wait till my knitting skill is as good as your! you have good reason to be super dooper excited!

  2. I love it. It's got a nice tomboy ish casual flair with out being too "I'm wearing men's clothing!" for me. The short sleeves are a cute mod as well.

    If you don't mind me asking, what size did you make? Was there a lot of positive ease in it? I'm thinking of making it myself. :D

  3. ooooh, I LOVE it!

    How was it knitting since you are so used to socks. I know you do other projects in varying weights of yarn but I consider you the sock queen.

  4. Ah, gorgeous! I noticed it Thursday night but forgot to ask you about it (I blame that pear cider).

  5. You should be delighted - it looks great! I like the short sleeves. That's definitely a mod I'd adopt, so I hope you put a note about that on your Raverly project page!

  6. It looks really nice. I don't think it needs blocking at all. That said, I rarely block anything so maybe not the person to say. ;-) Looks fabulous though. Great job.

  7. Well done it looks fab :)