Monday, 21 May 2012

Plying high

So many plying based puns, so little time. Expect to be subjected to more of them in the future :D

Spinning on my SPAKAL project has been very slow. I mean to do a little each day but keep being distracted by other things. This may be the spinning project that never ends.

However, I did reach a milestone. The first 100g of the blue is spun. That left me with a decision to make. Since I have 400g of the blue I want to either do 4 bobbins of 100 g each to make a 4 ply or try to squeeze an extra 33g on each bobbin to make a 3 ply.

I pulled a length off the single, folded it on itself twice and twisted it using a drop spindle. A second length was folded three times and twisted to give a  4 ply. 

Then the tricky task of comparing. Using a commercial 4 ply for comparison (3 ply, commercial, 4 ply).

This was not easy as there are a few thicker spots so a thin bit of 4 ply is thinner than a thick bit of 3 ply. I am hoping this big project will help with consistency.

I have decided to go for the 3 ply. It seemed closest and means I get more yardage from my fibre. One of the 100g chunks has been split into three and I am currently adding it to the bobbin. Fortunately the thin single seems to allow for this. Hopefully by next week I will have my first bobbin completed.

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  1. Or you could have even done a crepe yarn?

    It's interesting to test different things out and see the differences isn't it.