Friday, 18 May 2012

FO Friday- Step it up hat

My main current knitting project is a cardigan, in 4 ply. It is taking FOREVER! I now see why I make smaller projects like socks and accessories, I just don't have enough patience for endless rows of stocking stitch.

To relieve the boredom I cast on for a hat. I was going to follow a pattern, but ended up using a simple stitch pattern to make my own design.

It is a fast knit, simple to work and fits as a nice snug beanie. I am quite ridiculously pleased with this considering how simple it is.

The stitch pattern looks like cables in the photo above. It is actually a simple knit and purl textured pattern. Easier to see when It is being worn so I borrowed a head to take this shot.

I will hopefully get the pattern written up in the next week or so. It will be available on Ravelry. I might change the name, suggestions gratefully received.


  1. Oh I like that pattern very nice :-)

  2. oooh, I like that pattern.
    I know what you mean, I have the Felicity on my needles as a back up for brainless knitting.

    I love the yarn color.