Friday, 11 May 2012

FO Friday- Herringbone socks

Prepare to be amazed, colourwork socks!

I am blowing my own trumpet somewhat here, because I am so pleased with these, they go on my feet and everything. My first attempt at colourwork socks still languishes, unfinished and misshapen at the bottom of my yarn stash.

Yarn: Cygnet Truly wool rich 4 ply
Needles: 3mm dpns

This is a good choice for a first colourwork pattern, no colour block is more than two stitches wide so there is no need to wrap floats. Fortunately this pattern hides the odd misplaced stitch so the mistakes are not too obvious. The pattern is easy to remember and work, I must have had some brain fail.
I am not sold on the heel method, it avoids wraps but still ended up holey, particularly at the top corner. I had to pick up stitches to close the gap, which doesn't look overly neat. I think I am going to give short row heels another go, but maybe actually look up the wrap and turn method as I work rather than assuming I know it and making a mess.

The yarn was leftover from my endpaper mitts. I had two balls in each colour and still plenty left for another small project so you get good mileage for your money. It is nice and soft but a little fluffy. Maybe not the best choice for colourwork but this pattern is bold enough to cope. I have not worn these yet but m hoping the nylon in the yarn will make them hardwearing.

I was a little surprised that a larger than usual needle was called for. I expected a tight fabric to be needed to hide the yarn behind the work, but it seems to look ok. 

Those first socks may get frogged and reworked as I still really want socks with rubber ducks on!


  1. oooh, these are beautiful! I love the color. Are they really your first colorwork? Geez, that really does amaze me because I think of you as the sock knitting goddess ;-) Great job!

  2. Awesome socks! Have you tried the german short row method yet? I've not but it looks good. See you in June! x

  3. They look awesome! I haven't tried colourwork socks - I'm convinced I won't be able to get them onto my feet ;)