Friday, 23 March 2012

FO Friday- Washcloths

I figured it was about time I tried making a couple of washcloths. While accidently falling off the stash busting waggon this week I picked up some cotton and linen blend to try.

Pattern: Spa day facecloth by Anne Mancine
Yarn: Knitpicks CotLin
Needle: 4mm

A super pattern, easy to remember and fast to work. The large cloth took about an evening of knitting time. The texture feels like it will be nice and scrubby, but not too rough.

The cloth didn't come out overly square, I worked fifteen repeats which looked square when casting off, but after washing is a little short. Sixteen or seventeen repeats would probably be better.

Next time I would use a 3.5mm needles to get a slightly firmer fabric.

I am trying to avoid leftovers so divided what was left in half by weight and worked a small cloth from corner to corner (increase at the start of each row for half the yarn then decrease at the start of each row back to three stitches). The second cloth is a little small really, a 50g ball would work well divided into two 25g portions to make two cloths.


  1. I keep thinking I will knit some dishcloths or washcloths but I think I am going to weave some. I like the texture of your spa cloth.

  2. Dishcloths can be a fun little project. We use knit dishcloths exclusively around here. So far I'd have to say that Grandmother's Favourite is my favourite as well. And because it's knit on the diagonal it ALWAYS comes out square :)