Friday, 30 March 2012

FO Friday- More socks

I have a lot of socks, in fact they no longer fit in my sock drawer and have their own sock box (a big plastic really useful box). And yet, I still make socks. This is partly because knitted socks are fab to wear, but also because they are such a useful knitting project.

I started these on a four hour car journey. I can't sit still that long with nothing to do. Unless I am asleep, but that always seems a little rude as the driver has to stay awake.

Yarn: Regis Flusi sockenmonster
Needles: 2.5mm

The pattern is very simple, a typical ribbed style sock with slipped stitches to make life a little more interesting. 

They are a little long and a tiny bit loose, All due to my inability to measure, not the pattern's fault at all. I am going to machine wash them in the hopes that it will tighten them up a little.

I did change the heel to an afterthought heel. This is my new favourite sock heel technique but I reduced too far on these, next time I want to go down to about eighteen stitches rather than twelve.

The yarn is great, I have mentioned many times that I am a fan of Regia sock yarn. This is designed as a kids range but I don't see why adults shouldn't have awesome striped socks. In fact I love striped socks. The yarn name is great too so that is an added bonus.

And yes, I could knit socks for other people and, but no I am not going to, my socks are all for me! (the 4 ply ones anyway)

1 comment:

  1. I really need to start another pair of socks.
    After knitting a pair for a friend, I think I will only knit for myself too.
    Even the easy ones weren't easy for me and all I wanted to do was wear them myself.

    Maybe build a sock room to store all the sassy socks? ah, in a perfect world.