Friday, 16 March 2012

FO Friday- A very cunning hat

Netflix has recently made its way to the UK. Fed up with watching endless repeats of the Simpsons (I do like the Simpsons, but don't need to watch each episode five times) we signed up.

Our first new TV addiction was Warehouse 13, now eagerly awaiting series 3. Next up was Firefly, it seems popular on Ravelry so I thought we should give it a go. The first episode was a little disappointing, but the rest proved to be excellent watching. We flew through the episodes and ended up ordering the film and comics from Amazon.

To anyone who knits and knows the show this will be redundant. In one episode a character called Jayne gets sent a handknit hat by his mum. Watching it my boyfriend said he would wear such a silly hat if I were to make one. This was a big occasion as he has never agreed to wear anything knitted before. In fact, it was almost a request!

I couldn't find the right yarn to buy so I dyed up some double knit Bluefaced Leicester, about 35g in each of the three colours I needed. 

It is based on the pattern My Jayne Hat by Erika Barcott. I worked with the yarn double, sized for medium. I worked until the yarn ran out rather than the specified number of rows. The ear flaps are worked over 14 stitches and decreased until there was one stitch left, then the yarn was pulled through.

So, does he wear it?

Unfortunately not, it is too small. Since it used up all the yarn for the yellow and bright orange I need to shop for some or dye up 200g next time. Fortunately it fits me nicely (insert evil laugh here). I have been enjoying wearing it, after all

"A man walks down the street in a hat like that you know he ain't afraid of anything"


  1. Haha! Oh sneaky FOs that end up fitting the knitter and not the recipient.

  2. Love the hat and the colors. Haha, it's funny that you are waiting for shows from over here and I am chomping at the bits waiting for my favorite BBC shows. Sherlock Season 2 can't come soon enough.

  3. Very nice! And what a shame it did not fit him. LOL

  4. It's a fabulous hat. I love Firefly, but agree it starts slowly, worth sticking with though.