Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One a day

I have not shared pictures of my sock yarn blanket for a while. It has grown:

It is at a not very easy to photograph stage, being long and thin, so what you mostly see is my sofa. And my spinning wheel, back where it belongs after Christmas. 

As planned I set the width before the end of last year, holding it up against a king size quilt I decided thirty squares across the bottom would be about right. Also I like nice round numbers, so thirty pleased me. I was looking at it on Sunday and thinking it may take me the next five years to finish and that I should have made it smaller, but never mind!

This shot proves the width is set, once you start the second row you can't add more, well, not without unpicking or altering the pattern.

A couple of shots from along the new section:

This project is getting a lot of attention at the minute. Because I am trying to avoid having knitting projects on the go to distract me in the week I had no evening knitting. I tried that for about an hour and then got very bored of just sitting staring at the TV. A couple of squares fits in an evening nicely- I am entertained and the blanket grows, all round win.

I am trying to sew in the ends as I go. Every few days I have a session of end sewing so it is not too madly out of control for now.


  1. Regular end-sewing sounds like a necessity to me!

    I have got to a point where I can't just sit and watch TV now, it feels so unproductive (even though I love TV) - I need something in my hands while I watch, so your blanket sounds like a perfect weekday evening project :)

  2. It's looking great...even if it takes five years, it will be worth it. I agree too...I can't just sit and watch television anymore, I have to be knitting or spinning.