Friday, 27 January 2012

FO Friday- Little sun hat

I did a better job of picking my project last weekend, it used up a ball of stash yarn and I managed to get it done in the weekend so it was not around to distract me from work (yes, I know, I should learn to have self control!). 

Pattern: Strawberries and peaches hat by Kasia Borsani
Yarn: Rowan silk cotton
Needles: 4mm dpns for top of hat, 3.5mm circular for brim

This is a lovely pattern, very simple and quick to make. I ran out of yarn on the brim, so finished at 4 rounds and did a plain cast off, it looks ok so I am going with it.

I can't honestly say I am a fan of the yarn, in fact I suspect I don't really like cotton yarns but I might give them one more try, perhaps see what the dishcloth thing is all about. Once knitted up it is ok, but it is somewhat splitty and crunchy in the ball.

The decreases make a cute spiral to the top of the crown.

This pattern requires a provisional cast on. I have done this once before so it was good to try it out again. I found the crochet chain the easiest method by far. Trying to do loops onto a second needle or scrap yarn ended up with odd sized loops that were really quite messy.

The crochet chain makes nice neat loops, maybe even a tiny bit too tight, but they seem ok once worked from the other direction.

The online tutorial I used as a refresher suggests tying a knot at the end of the scrap yarn once the chain is worked so you know which end will unzip easily when it comes to picking up the provisional stitches. This is a genius tip! Oh, I found the link, here it is, lovely and clear with plenty of photos.

I have to say, this week I REALLY want to do all the crafty things. I am in the mood to spin and knit lots of patterns in pretty yarns. I especially want to knit some socks as I have not done that for a while. We shall see if the will power holds out, I do have a single skein pattern picked out that should be my weekend knitting. 


  1. I'm checking out the pattern. That looks like a cute project...and I love hats.

  2. Cute Hat! I'm going to check it out too.

  3. Such a sweet hat, the colour of the yarn is perfect for the style, the little ruffled brim looks almost flower-esque.

  4. SUCH a sweet hat... currently three of my cousins are expecting so I've been looking for cute patterns! Thanks for posting!

  5. Have you tried the plain old long-tail provisional cast on?:
    It sounds like you have figured out what works for you. I just like this one because I'm not a crocheter, and I think its pretty easy, so I thought I'd mention it.
    Cute hat!

  6. the hat is adorable! I've always found your method of provisionally casting on way too tight, and I never know which loop to pick up a stitch in. I've always used the crocheting directly onto the needle method, except with my fingers and not a crochet that you mention it though, that method can be somewhat lose and uneven!