Friday, 3 February 2012

FO Friday- Handspun cowl

Finally a photo taken in daylight!
Yarn: Handspun yarn. Fibre from Shunklies etsy shop
Needles: 3.5mm

This is a lovely simple pattern, it is easy to remember and work once it is set up. The yarn was a little heavier than commercial 4 ply so the cowl has less drape than it probably should, bigger needles would have made a more drapey fabric. On the plus side the heavier fabric means the cowl sort of stands up when it is worn so it fills the space up to the chin, but without being so still that ti is uncomfortable.

I have not blocked this yet, and to be honest I may not bother. It would be nice to have a similar wave in the cast off edge to the one in the cast on edge, but I think it would not be very noticeable when it is being worn anyway.

I did have a major indecisive moment with this. Just before the cast off I decided the yarn would have looked good as a sweater yoke teamed with a grey commercial yarn for the sweater body and sleeves. For a while I considered frogging the cowl but decided to keep it in the end. I will just have to dye some blue and grey fibre and spin more for a sweater. 

This took a little longer than a weekend to make (not constant knitting), but that was partly due to me thinking about frogging it. There is quite a bit of yarn leftover from the 100g, some will go in my sock yarn blanket but I need to find a few patterns that use tiny amounts of yarn.


  1. I like the color. With the cool Winters, I love wearing cowls. I will have to check out that pattern.

  2. I love it, it's such a gorgeous color! and perfect that it stands up on it's own - that's always my biggest complaint with cowls. and I'm with you on needing to find small patterns for leftover sock yarn. I have so much but I just figure one day I'll make really mismatched socks or a blanket with all the scraps like you're doing.