Saturday, 31 December 2011

A-Z sock challenge round up

All my sock projects for the UK Sock Knitter's Group A-Z challenge:

The socks include a lot of different techniques and stitch patterns. From only working top down heel flap socks I am a convert to the benefits of toe up and short row heels. I wouldn't only ever work one type as I still like both, they suit different situations. 

I also tried a lot of different sock yarns, some lovely and some less so. Regia 4 ply and Stroll fingering weight are about even for the best all round (price, feel, colours, washability etc) but some of the yarns like Cherry tree Hill supersock and The Knitting Goddess merino are lovely luxury yarns. I am not a fan of singles sock yarns, although they are ok for a very plain sock the fuzziness makes fancy stitch patterns hard to see.

I have lots of lovely socks now so have a few different challenges for next year, there will be some socks, but more other projects. I will do a new years challenges post in a day or two.

Hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve!


  1. This video is lacking something... a metal soundtrack possibly? ;-) Well done on your year of socks!!

  2. amazing! you did such a great job =) happy new year!

  3. Love! It's great seeing all of those socks together one after another.

    Happy New Year!