Friday, 30 December 2011

FO Friday- Z socks

And so here ends the socky alphabet

Yarn: Dream in colour smooshy
Needles: 2.5mm dpns

Love this pattern, aside from the super name it makes some gorgeous socks. A lace pattern makes leaves from top to bottom. It does need a bit of concentration, I tried working on it at knit night and had to give up in favour of a K1P1 hat as it was too complicated fro knitting and chatting. There were too many rows for me to remember the whole chart, although by the end a quick glance was enough to remind me what I should be doing.

The yarn is delicious. I received it in a swap and have to say I am very jealous of the lovely sock yarns available in the US. I may have to visit with an empty suitcase! It is lovely to work with and has gorgeous stitch definition which is perfect for the lace pattern. The colourway is lovely and goes well with the leafy pattern. As an extra bonus it is 4oz rather than the standard 100g the UK sock yarns come in so I have lots left to play with.

Stitch pattern close up showing the super leaves:

Tomorrow I will do a round up of all 26 pairs if I can work out how to do the pictures as a slideshow rather than 26 individual photos.

I think next year there may not be quite so many socks, time for some different challenges I think! (Fear not, there will be some socks)


  1. Hooray! I can't wait to see the socks together. Try Picasa for creating collages. It's a free download and what I use plus it works with Blogger.

    Love the yarn too.

  2. beautiful! I can't wait to see your round up of all the alphabet socks =)