Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year Plans

Blog land appears to be full of people talking about their New Year's resolutions, or intentions, or all sorts of other things. I think I will stick with plans, and make a list because I like making lists. In fact, quite often when I write a list I stick on a few things that I have already done, or nearly done, just because crossing stuff off a list is so much fun!

  • Finish my PhD, this was on last year's list, but this time I actually really really have to get it done. By the end of September. Otherwise the World ends. True story.
  • Master colourwork. I have tried before, it was ok. It will be better because I am not starting on socks this time.
  • Knit using stash yarn. I am not making any yarn purchase embargo type thing this year, but I do want to use some of what I have. Especially the yarns with a project in mind.
  • Knit with my handspun, because it is too pretty to sit in a box not being used.
  • Spin enough for a big project, either a blanket or a sweater. This might be my Tour de Fleece challenge.
  • Make a blanket, oooh, that ties in nicely with the last one ;)
  • I have a few specific projects planned, with the yarn for each all ready. Some slippers, Brandywine shawl and Endpaper mitts are top of the list.
  • Write up some patterns, I have ideas, some notes and even some yarn.
  • Add more to my sock yarn blanket. I have made progress, which will be shared soon. I may go back to the one a day method.
  • Keep working on my Year of Projects yarn. progress on this to be shared next week too.
  • Not join any mad year long KALs :D

And because I hate to post a picturesless post, a big thumbs up for Plans and Lists

Actually, that is one of the patterns to be written up. The recipient's Mum refused to believe they had been hand knit, mwah ha ha ha ha!


  1. I am so glad to meet another person that loves to make lists the way I do! And you are right, crossing things off is the best part of any list. Your list looks great and I think you will manage to master the whole thing, probably before the end of the year!

  2. Those are all great plans. I intend to work through my stash this year too. I intend to knit, crochet and weave a bunch of it. I have way too much sock yarn and I've decided that I can't knit that many socks (Yes, you are a rock star) so I may be weaving with it.
    Good luck with your goals. I will enjoy seeing the progress throughout the year.

  3. I share two goals with you...knit up the handspun and try not to buy more yarn!

  4. I love those mitts! Good luck with your goals.

  5. These are excellent goals! The best of luck on finishing off that first one. :-)

    Kudos on your handknit awesomeness!!