Friday, 16 December 2011

FO Friday- Y socks

I now have just one pair of socks to knit to have made it through the alphabet. Presenting my Y socks:

Pattern: Yukon Leaves
Yarn: Regia 4 ply in Galaxy for the main part, solid red and green for cuffs, heels and toes.
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Mods: Afterthought heel worked as I think the squared heel looks better than a heel flap when using a different colour for the heels. Five plain rounds before toe decreases.

I enjoyed making these, the pattern was clear and easy to follow but challenging enough that it does not get boring. It is not really a beginners sock pattern but is fairly simple if you know the basics of sock construction.

The stitch pattern is written not charted. I found six patterned rows was too much to remember so had to keep the instructions in front of me throughout. Maybe if I had charted the pattern I would have found it easier to picture the next row to work from the previous row of knitting.

There is an option for increasing the circumference of the sock by four stitches, I went for the larger size although I probably could have got away without the extra stitches.

I have talked about Regia yarn before, it is a good sock knitting choice. Affordable and hard wearing with a decent stitch definition. There is a good range of solid and self patterning choices.

I had one ball of the self patterning Galaxy yarn picked up from a bargain bin. I worked the cuffs, heels and toes in leftovers from other projects. I worked until I had used a little under 25g of the yarn then did a couple of plain rounds in the toe colour to make up the length. There was a little of the Galaxy yarn leftover, toe up are probably best for making the most of a single ball.

Yarnovers and decreases make a lace pattern down the leg and foot.  

Proof I made a sock with no heel. Look a tube!

You can see the orange row where I stored the heel stitches. I took quite a few photos so will do a separate post about the heel on another day.


  1. oooh, these are great! I love the different colored toe/heels too. I can't believe that you have stuck with the alphabet. You are dedicated.

  2. The first pair look so pretty and Christmasy! Very nice.

  3. The whole alphabet? That's quite a committment. I hope you do a recap. :-)

  4. They look great :)

    I'm looking forward to your post about the heel - I haven't made enough socks to have attempted an afterthought one yet!

  5. it looks lovely! I've only made one pair of socks with an afterthought heel, but they fit very well - and I agree with you, they definitely look better than a heel flap if you're changing colors.

    I'm so excited to see your Z sock!