Friday, 9 December 2011

FO Friday- Little mittens

Mittens with thumbs were requested by my small niece. Although I am not too keen on knitting kids things as they grow so quickly I agreed to these, they are a nice quick knit after all.

Pattern: Heart Strings Mittens by Crystal Guistinello

The purple yarn was supplied (part of the deal), it was chosen by my niece, although I suspect my sister had some input. I can't find the ball band at the minute so can't do a proper review. It is a nice 4 ply in a lovely shade of purple though. The blue sparkly mitten was some leftover Regia 4 ply. I figured mittens don't have to match.

The pattern is super, simple but effective. These are are very quick to make. I did work the whole mitten including cuff on 3mm needles though rather than starting on smaller needles and increasing. I also did five rounds before the thumb gusset rather than three. I suspect the i-cord will be sewn on rather than attached with buttons, I think it would keep coming apart if you just button it on. I left that for my sister to do as she can check the cords are the right length.

They fitted and my niece seemed happy with them, so a win there I think.


  1. I bet your niece loved that you made those. Purple is such a great color for little girls.

  2. They look great! I'm sure your niece will love them :)

  3. I love them! they'll definitely be warm =) and I agree, mittens don't have to match. I actually own one blue and gray and one purple and gray mitten that I tell myself is a pair.

  4. May I ask for a bit more detail on the mittens? Is it top-up or down? How do you do the top? I like to do mittens without a pattern, but they turn out pointy on top, not round. I can't stand pointy mittens!

  5. Sorry, I wrote the post quite late at night so it is a little sparse on the details. The mittens are worked from the cuff up, much like a top down sock. The decreases from the pattern make a nice rounded top and when you have worked them once they are pretty easy to remember.

    Size wise I did 15 rnds cuff, 5 rnds plain, thumb gusset as written, 20 rnds plain for the hand then top decreases as written. They are a good fit for a 3 year old with a little growing room.

    I think they could easily be adjusted to bigger sizes by using more stitches or thicker yarn and bigger needles.

  6. yay, you won the yarn I was giving away!! please send me an email with your mailing address and it'll be on its way soon =D