Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yarn along

Hooray! I have reading to share with you all today. What I also have is an intermittent k key. I suspect I may have got pretzel crumbs under it, but if any words look a bit odd try imagining them with a k in there somewhere and see if it helps.

On to the yarn along.

The two projects on the go are my year of projects cardigan, Mr Greenjeans in hand dyed aran yarn and my Y sock in two colours of Regia 4 ply. This might end up as three colours of Regia as I am using stash and leftovers to make these. The socks are actually a lot further along. I have found the only way to get pictures for my blog is to take them at the weekend when there is daylight. By the time I actually post them they are a little out of date.

I am very excited to share this book with you. It is the latest Discworld book. I was going to wait until I had finished reading the rest of the series and pick it up in paperback. But as you can see, Tesco had it for half price and I am clearly very weak. So now I have it in hardback, and am reading it out of sequence.

I have also achieved the impossible with this book, I have actually been reading it for about 2 weeks! There is an overwhelming temptation to tuck up under the duvet and just read it  until the end, but busy weeks have stopped me. I might have a date with it this weekend though.

What I have read so far has been very enjoyable. It is centred on Sam Vines, and I think I have to agree with Tink that the best Discworld books are the ones with a more developed central character. More of a review when I have got further in.

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  1. I love the colour of your cardigan! I've just started Snuff too - I need to read more though, at the moment I'm finding knitting and readin hard to balance :)