Monday, 24 October 2011

Washing socks

Seriously, I would never have thought anyone would want to hear about me washing socks, but I am going to talk about it anyway.

Actual technical bits- I dunk them in the sink full of warm water and a little soak, squish them a bit and swirl them around. Then leave them to soak, generally at this point I forget about them and wander back a while later, frantically scooping them out when I need the sink for something else.

After a bit of a squeeze they take a spin in an old salad spinner, usually in pairs then are hung out to dry.

In summer:

In winter:

I had a mammoth sock washing session last week, where I washed almost every pair of hand knit socks I own, they filled the bottom of the bathtub. Apparently I have twenty seven pairs of handknit socks in regular wear (I am a very lucky lady :) ). There are also two pairs that I machine wash, two chunky boot socks and a few random pairs that I don't tend to wear, mostly early sock knitting errors, like being too short or shrunk in the wash.

Last night my twenty six pairs of socks were put into my sock drawer (I had already swiped one off the airer to wear during the day). Actually put in is not an accurate description, piled on top of comes closer. "I think someone has too many pairs of socks" I was told.



  1. 27 pairs of hand-knit socks? Yowza. :-)

  2. I do wash my knitted socks by hand in the sink, too! I don't like putting them in the washing machine, did that once and the pair had a lot of pilling afterwards...

  3. Holy cow, that's a lot of socks!