Friday, 21 October 2011

FO Friday- U socks

This week it is the turn of my U socks.

Pattern: Uzumaki by Karen Harper
Yarn: Mirasol Hacho
Needles: 3.5mm circulars
Notes: Increased to 44 sts on the foot, to 48sts on the leg. Added 15rnds k1p1 rib to the top of the leg. Surprisingly stretchy bind off used.

A bit of a change from my usual sock method with these, they are worked toe up using a DK weight yarn. To save on counting I decided to work two at once, it is still not my favourite method, but it has advantages in that you can use the yarn until you run out to get the longest possible leg.

The pattern is easy to follow, as long as you read it properly. I did get confused at the first read through, thinking the decrease was worked every other round, it is only worked once and causes the rib to spiral as you work around the leg. It might not be the best beginner pattern as some of the directions are not explained fully, in particular wrap and turn, but if you have worked short rows before you should be able to follow the pattern easily.

I would maybe add some ribbing to the top of the foot if I made these again. I prefer the fit to be more snug than you get with a plain foot.

Working these in a heavier weight yarn made them really fast, I managed to get these plus some other small projects done in a fortnight. They would be a good emergency sock gift. They are obviously thicker, which makes them a little snug in shoes but great for walking boots or mooching around the house.

Close up of the spiralling rib.

The colours of this yarn are super and it has a lovely smooth feel. It would maybe not be my first choice for socks, but it was in my stash so I used it up. It would perhaps be better for mitts, a cowl or hat but the colours might be a bit crazy for something larger.

A rather dark photo to prove that I did them two at a time, toe up, magic loop style. On a side note, this photo was taken inside with flash, the first photo was taken outside, it really does make a difference! 


  1. The socks are beautiful! I love the spiraling rib.

  2. Wow the pattern close-up is really interesting. How do they feel when you wear them? Are they comfy? Sometimes I find spiraling patterns feel awkward on my feet - as if I need to tug them in one direction or another.

  3. I love that close up of the pattern! beautiful job =)

  4. I love the socks! The cables look gorgeous! :D

  5. Oh wow, that spiraling rib is gorgeous, in both closeup and farther-away views. I'm in awe of how many awesome socks you make, seriously.